How It Works For You We guide you through a proven process that puts you on the path to long-term, optimal health.

If you have tried traditional medical treatments with little to no success, you are probably ready to adopt a ground-up approach to your health and wellness.  Our methodology is based on an unparalleled understanding of biochemistry, physiology, genetics, inflammation, pathology, immunology, hormones, the gastrointestinal system, methylation, and environmental and heavy metal toxins.  Our process is designed to provide you with the best medical treatment customized to your unique needs.

Here is how it works

First Appointment:

During your first appointment we meet with you to review your personal and family medical history.  We identify and discuss your medical issues and concerns, develop your initial diagnostic labs, and create an approach that sets you on a path to optimal health.

Initial Labwork:

In order to fully understand your specific biochemical makeup, we run an initial, extensive lab panel that helps us dig deeper into your medical issues.  This panel will identify specifically what is happening in your body and why you are sick. It will help us understand your medical issues better than we could by simply assessing your symptoms alone.

Second Appointment:

The results of your initial, extensive labs will be discussed in detail, and will form the basis for a treatment plan that conforms to your unique needs. The treatment plan will be developed and reviewed during this visit.

Additional Testing If Indicated:

Food Allergy and Metal/Environmental Toxicity:

In order to obtain a more complete picture we recommend that you undertake food allergy and metal/environmental toxicity testing.  This testing helps us determine your nutritional needs, as well as aids in designing the most effective treatment plan for you.


Through genetic testing we obtain a clear picture of your genetic composition. We are then able to develop a more comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. We work with your genetics to improve your long-term health by by-passing blocked pathways.

Other Possible Testing:

Depending on the results of your initial lab work, we might recommend additional testing that may include assessing gastrointestinal health, hormones, candida, or bacterial overgrowth.


After developing a comprehensive picture of your biochemical, food allergy and genetic make-up and various factors affecting your health, we work with you to create a personalized supplement regimen aimed at returning your body to its most natural and healthy state.  By using supplements, we treat the causes of your illnesses, not the symptoms, helping you avoid the negative, long-term impact of pharmaceutical use.

Supplements prescribed include amino acids, vitamins and herbals, designed to bypass or neutralize imbalances that impact hundreds of reactions in the body, leading to illnesses.  During your treatment and time with Dr. Waldo, you will most likely take a number of supplements with some added and some removed based on your labs and as your health improves.  All supplements have been carefully and individually selected by Dr. Waldo to ensure you are obtaining the highest quality.

Ongoing, Follow-up Appointments:

After your initial lab review, you will be seen on an every two month basis.  Two to three weeks prior to each visit you should have labs drawn and the following appointment will address your progress based on lab results.  Questions will be answered and a revised treatment plan will be developed to support your progress.


Our eating habits have a massive impact on our body's well-being across all of its systems and functions.  After gaining an understanding of your personal health situation, we work with you to develop a dietary plan that fits your body's specific requirements.  Depending on your food and allergy test results and the severity of your disease state, we may refer you to a nutritionist.