Treatment Protocols

Dr. Waldo, an integrative, genetic and functional medicine physician, is uniquely qualified in the medical field because of his training in biochemistry, physiology and psycho-pharmacology, his extensive time in research, and his years of experience in applying basic science to the treatment of virtually every disease.  He assesses biochemical malfunctions, physiology, genetics, pathogens, immune system disorders, environmental toxins, gastrointestinal concerns, hormonal issues, and inflammatory responses that occur in the body and affect your genes, physiology and brain chemicals.  He believes that addressing all of these are necessary in fighting diseases.  In addition, Dr. Waldo places a special emphasis on treating the body as an integrated whole, searching for the common thread or links that lead to numerous pathological processes.

The vast majority of physicians treat the symptoms of diseases, usually through the use of pharmaceuticals. Connected Health Care Systems treats the root causes of diseases, and thus has a very good success rate of stopping disease progression, preventing diseases or curing them.  Treatment protocols include the following;

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is an effective approach to healing that is gaining momentum in the United States.  It is the foundation for treating a great number of diseases and conditions.  While it is a mainstream treatment in Europe, the U.S. has been slower to adopt it on a broad scale.  When combined with our medical approach based on science, the labwork for those patients undergoing ozone therapy is showing outstanding results.  We use ozone therapy to:

  • Rebalance the Immune System
  • Detoxification
  • Treat Fungal Infections
  • Treat Viral Infections
  • Treat Bacterial Infections
  • Repair Damaged Muscles
  • Regenerate Cartilage & Tissue
  • Improve Circulation
  • Treat Candiadis
  • Destroy Parasites
  • Treat Lyme Disease

In addition, ozone therapy has a positive impact upon body chemistry, circulation and cellular functions.    Studies have shown that ozone therapy slows the progression and provides visual improvement in patients with macular degeneration.  It also positively effects individuals suffering from MS, Lupus, Hepatitis C and other debilitating diseases.


The body only requires trace amounts of certain metals to function properly.  Thus it is critical to one’s well-being that testing and treatment for heavy metals and environmental toxins take place. Chelation is a process used to remove heavy metals and environmental toxins from your body.  Most forms of chelation, especially the IV form, are extremely taxing to the body which can have a negative effect on the kidneys, liver, and other major organs. 

We determine if chelation is appropriate for you through labs, the type of metals and toxins in your body and your genetics.  If chelation is indicated, we work with you to employ a safe, unique and scientific approach to chelation, using your biochemistry and test results as a guide.  Our form of chelation is administered 24 hours a day and goes after only the amount of metals that needs to be removed from your body.  This ensures that metals are eliminated and not redeposited.  As you go through chelation, we monitor numerous systems and chemical reactions in your body to assure the dosage is correct and thus safe.  Our approach minimizes the chances of metals being redeposited and causing damage to major organs in the body.


There has been an enormous paradigm shift in the way Americans eat today versus 30 years ago.   Factory farming, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMO’s,  as well as food additives such as aspartame, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), are just a few of the changes we have seen that can wreak havoc on the human body.

It has been said that the food we eat can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.  Our bodies were created to eat and metabolize fresh, whole foods.   However, our modern day food supply has been curtailed to increase yields and provide efficiency.  Thus, we are seeing a parallel decline in health and rise in chronic diseases.

Organic, whole food can actually heal the body and be delicious!  Nutrition is a missing piece of the wellness puzzle.  At CHCS, we can prepare a nutritional plan that is based on your specific food allergies, genetics and biochemical deficiencies that will fuel you to better health.


Supplements are an integral part of restoring the body to optimal health.  Our bodies need vitamins, minerals and amino acids to provide us with the building blocks for proper growth and development. Unfortunately, our soil and food supply has been depleted of these vital nutrients.  To compound the issue, junk food, processed meats, sugar consumption and other environmental factors have magnified these deficiencies. 

All supplements are NOT created equal and it is important to understand the difference. There are synthetic supplements and those made from natural sources.  Synthetic supplements can include fillers, chemicals and even aspartame.  Not only are many of these supplements ineffective but can actually be harmful. 

Based on your unique lab results, genetics, toxins, biochemical malfunctions, methylation concerns, pathogens, inflammatory responses, hormone issues and immune system disorders, Dr. Waldo prescribes a supplement plan to overcome your deficiencies and promote the healing of your body.  He carefully reviews the ingredients of every supplement he prescribes, and uses only manufacturers he believes provide the highest quality product, including purity and effectiveness.  Supplements prescribed include amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbals designed to bypass or neutralize imbalances that impact hundreds of reactions in your body that could lead to illnesses.

Connected Health Care Systems creates optimal health through
cutting edge science and nutrition.