We use a scientific approach to deliver personalized treatment

As an integrative and functional medicine practice, we deliver a path to wellness that is customized to you alone by using our approach based on biochemical malfunctions, physiology, genetics, pathogens, environmental toxins, methylation concerns, immune system disorders, gastro-intestinal problems, hormone issues, and inflammatory responses.  The body is one total entity with all systems connected.  If one system is out-of-order it eventually affects the health of the entire body.

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In a health care environment where most providers are jamming too many patients into too few hours of the day, the result is treatment plans that are designed to care for the masses without attention paid to treating you as an individual.  Moreover, traditional care plans are most often shortcuts to treating the symptoms, not the causes, of your illness. This approach necessitates your frequent return to the doctor's office while your condition is not getting better, but is usually getting worse, often leading to other disease states.  The body is one total entity with all systems connected.  If one system is out-of-order it eventually affects the health of the entire body.

At Connected Health Care Systems, your health starts with who you are as an individual.  It is why we focus on understanding you and your family's medical history and assessing your biochemical, genetic and physiological makeup, allowing us to evaluate your physiological strengths, as well as weaknesses 

Ultimately one of our goals in treating you is to reduce your dependence on prescription medications.  We believe prescriptions drugs alleviate your immediate symptoms, but long term use may lead to inflammation, creating an entirely new set of health issues.  By focusing on these and other scientifically based areas, we develop a personalized, treatment plan that conforms to your needs alone and focuses on helping you reach your optimal health state while minimizing the negative impact of prescription medications.  Simply put, what works for someone else won't necessarily work for you. 

No matter what your disease is, we employ the same scientific approach utilizing biochemistry, physiology and genetics.  We identify and treat the following root causes of diseases that can block your pathway to successful healing:

  • Metal Toxicity
  • Methylation Concerns
  • Biochemical Malfunctions
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Genetic Malfunctions
  • Candida
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Inflammation
  • Immune System Disorders
  • Hormone Issues
  • Pathogens
  • Lyme Disease

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we treat the root causes of your illness with science.

These root causes all occur in the body and gastrointestinal tract affecting our genes, physiology and brain chemicals.  Believing that addressing all of these are necessary to successfully fighting diseases, Dr. Waldo places an emphasis on treating the body as an integrated whole, searching for the common thread or links that lead to numerous pathological processes.  In treating a client, he looks at the interaction between genetics and the environment, including life style and diet.

Curing disorders and diseases is rarely a quick fix.  It took a long time for you to become sick and it will take a period of time, as well as a personal commitment, to get well.  We are in this healing process with you as a guide and partner, treating and supporting you on your journey to wellness.  Regardless of your symptoms or medical condition, we CAN help you become healthy once again.

Connected Health Care Systems creates optimal health through
cutting edge science and nutrition.