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Traditional medical treatment is designed to work for the masses, not for the individual. Many practitioners assess your symptoms, then treat those issues with prescription medications. But your disease process will continue and eventually affect other areas of your body. As an integrative and functional medical practice, we use basic science to identify and treat the root causes of your health concerns, which ultimately leads to healing.

 As an alternative and functional medical practice, we connect compassionately with each individual patient, with you. We use science as a basis for treatment, thus it is based on you and your individual needs. Treatment includes the utilization of biochemistry, physiology, genetics, and pathology to assess your immune system disorders and inflammatory responses. This approach allows us to determine and treat the causes of your symptoms and diseases. By getting at the root causes, disease progression is stopped and true healing begins. Biochemistry and genetics, or basic science, are used as our diagnostic tools. Thus, an accurate diagnosis is highly likely with appropriate treatment utilized. There is no time wasted on “guessing” what your disease might be, with money spent for naught on unneeded and harmful prescription medications or a multitude of physician visits. In the meantime, your recovery is delayed while your disease is getting worse or new ailments are popping up.

Practicing alternative and functional medicine, Dr. Ralph Waldo is constantly reviewing current research so that he is on top of all disease treatments. If a patient is ill and Dr. Waldo does not have all of the answers to treatment, he does research until he finds the best possible approach. No cookie cutter treatment is used at Connected Health Care Systems. We know the “one treatment fits all”does not work and is often dangerous to a person's health.

When the practice started, the name, Connected Health Care Systems, was intentionally selected as it defines Dr. Waldo's philosophy. He treats the body as a whole, believing that all systems are connected. In order to heal the body, all systems must be assessed and medically attended to. Once assessment has been conducted, Dr. Waldo searches for the common threads that are causing your illness(es). Then treatment and healing begin.

Healing is usually a slow process. There is no such thing as a quick, easy fix. It took a long time for your body to get sick and it will take a period of time for it to get better. And it will take a dedicated, commitment from you in order to get well.

Are you tired of taking prescription medications, receiving medical treatment that is not tailored to you and you body's biochemical needs, and not getting better but most likely getting worse? Perhaps it is time for a change to a scientifically proven method of treatment. Call Connected Health Care Systems today, an alternative, integrative and functional medical practice. Your future health, your quality of life, and indeed your life may depend on it.


Our Methodology

Our Mission

The Mission of Connected Health Care Systems is to provide individualized, scientifically based health care to patients by identifying and treating the underlying causes of disorders and diseases. This approach will lead to improved health and a better quality of life for our patients.


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Are you tired of being treated like a number?

Tired of being treated like a number? Learn more about our, state-of-the-art, effective science-based approach to patient care.