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Ralph Waldo, M.D., P.C.
11350 N. Meridian Street, Suite 220, Carmel, IN  46032
TEL:  317-200-3840        FAX:  317-870-1013

Treatment Philosophy

Providing individualized, scientifically based, medical treatment focusing on causes of diseases 

Patients come to Connected Health Care Systems (CHCS) because traditional medical practices and prescription medications are not working. Our approach to treatment protocol is most likely different from any an individual has experienced in the past. Our goal is to improve a person's quality of life through healing the body, and our focus is on prevention. In comparison with traditional medicine we do not treat symptoms, but treat the causes of illnesses. By doing so we make a permanent, positive change in a person's disease state.                   

Our focus is on biochemistry, physiology, genetics and inflammatory responses that occur in the body, especially the gastrointestinal tract, and how they affect our genes, physiology and brain chemicals.  We believe that addressing all of these components are necessary to fight diseases. Placing an emphasis on treating the body as a whole, we search for the common thread that leads to numerous pathological processes.  In treating a client we look at the interaction between genetics and the environment, including life style and diet.  By utilizing this method, it allows clients to be proactive and participate in the practice of preventative medicine. 

Using a multidisciplinary approach, including lab testing, we can more accurately guide treatment. Our focus is getting to a patient's core health issues in order to slow disease progression and repair structures when possible.  By incorporating biochemistry, physiology, inflammatory processes, the gastrointestinal system, hormones, genetics and diet, we customize treatment and attempt to reduce the number of prescription medications an individual is taking. However, if needed, we do prescribe medications to treat symptoms while the body is healing and to accelerate the process. 

The type of medicine practiced at CHCS is based on the sound medical principles of immunology, biochemistry, physiology and genetics.This is how we differentiate ourselves from other physicians that appear to be practicing in the same manner. Our methods are not static, but evolve as research is conducted and new information becomes available. Treating children, adolescents and adults, we work with patients presenting with various disease states by addressing their risk factors.

CHCS enjoys genuine relationships with clients and ensures that physicians, therapists and family members are incorporated in the treatment program, if desired.

Specializing in physiology, biochemistry, genetics, inflammatory processes, the gastrointestinal system and diet



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